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  • Iida Miettinen

Kamupak is expanding

We closed our funding round worth of 590k including our previous and fresh investors. Our new investors Vaens (, Heikki Nousiainen (Aiven Co-Founder), Erik Toivanen (Conficap) and Martti Koivisto (Conficap) share the same vision with us for a circular and sustainable future. Happy to have you with us on our road to a trash-free tomorrow.

End of September we will launch together with Wolt at Hyvinkää piloting a model making reusability easier than ever. For the first time Wolt couriers are also able to return the used KamuBox from the consumer back to the restaurant.

Our long-term partner Picnic will join the pilot among with other restaurants. We will also expand with Picnic to new restaurants while launching in new cities at the same time. One of our latest partners is Kotipizza with whom we will start piloting the latest addition to our product family - a reusable pizza box.

Happy to introduce you to our latest team member. Meet our skilled CTO Tan Bui taking our greentech to the next level. Our team will grow soon with two new talents to support our growth.

In addition, we are looking into expanding in Nordic countries in the beginning of next year with exciting plans for a reuse ecosystem. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding relevant partners in these countries.

Return to reuse,

Iida & the Kamu Team


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