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How Kamupak works

Order your meal in a reusable KamuDish


Pay a deposit or borrow for free with the Kamupak Reuse -application

(available soon) 


Enjoy :)


Return KamuDish to a Kamupoint*

*to a restaurant where the same product is available.


If you paid a deposit, you will get it back as a refund. If you borrowed the dish using the app, the loan will be cleared upon return.

Kamupakin applikaatio jolla voit lainata KamuAsioita napin painalluksella

We are renewing our app!

Soon you can borrow KamuDishes, even multiple at the same time, free of charge!


When borrowing, you’ll agree to return the dishes within 14 days to one of our partner restaurants.

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"Simple, inexpensive, good for the environment."

"Easy system and it's nice to know that I'm saving the environment by using it." 

Our users


What is a KamuDish?

KamuDish is a reusable takeaway dish that circulates within the Kamupak reuse system.  KamuDish is a more ecological alternative to disposable packaging. 

How does Kamupak's service work?

Choose a reusable KamuDish when your order takeaway. Pay a deposit or borrow for free with the Kamupak Reuse -application (available soon).  Return KamuDish to a Kamupoint.  When you return the dish to the restaurant, you either get the deposit back as a refund, or the loan is cleared in the application. 

Is a KamuDish really a more ecological alternative compared to disposable biodegradable or cardboard containers?

When comparing reusable packaging to single-use packaging, the environmental impact caused by a single use is essential. The production of reusable packaging consumes more raw materials and energy, but after just a few cycles the emissions per use are lower compared to a disposable container. A reusable container is a more ecological option, the longer it lasts in use. A KamuDish can be used an average of 100 times and is a more ecological option after only six uses!  

Why are KamuDishes made of plastic?

Plastic is durable, easily shaped, inexpensive, reusable, recyclable and in every way an excellent material when it is used responsibly, taking into account the entire life cycle. At the end of their life cycle, KamuDishes will be recycled and the material is reused in making other products.   

How is the hygiene taken into consideration?

We pay special attention to the fact that the dishes passing through our return system are washed and sanitized in such a way that they meet hygiene regulations. We remove from use such dishes that may cause a hygiene risk. We also carry out hygiene testing to ensure the hygiene level.

Can I return a dirty KamuDish?

We recommend rinsing the dish before returning it, but it will be washed in the restaurant anyway before reuse. 

I would like to use KamuDishes, however, the option is not available in the restaurants from which I order take away.

You can send us a message via the "contact us" page, for example, and let us know the restaurant where you would like to see KamuDishes. In addition,  telling the restaurant directly about your wish is, based on our experience, a really effective way to bring about change. 

How do I return a KamuDish ordered through Wolt?

Currently, KamuDishes ordered through Wolt must be returned to one of the restaurants in our network. Check the nearest points from here.

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