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The work begins

‘When life stops, it becomes clear to a person what is really important.’

The idea behind Kamupak was born when our founder Iida's life was close to ending. When Iida suffered a brain injury as a result of a serious accident, not only everyday life changed but also the vision of where our founder should spend their time on earth.

Validating the concept

Iida gets together with our two other founders, Karri and Eero to validate wether the system would be environmentally sustainable as well as viable. Kamupak's digital deposit system is starting to take form and is tested for the first time.

Launching 1st KamuDish

The 1st KamuDish, the 1,2L flat plastic container, is launched. This "one-size-fits-all" KamuBox is later accompanied by added sizes in the product family. 

KamuCup and the Ministry of the Environment

Kamupak partners up with the Finnish Ministry of the Environment to test reusable coffee cups in a pilot project. The project attracts a lot of interest and increases awareness in reusablitiy.

10 000 saved!

10 000 single-use take-away packages saved with using KamuDishes. 

Our product family grows

Kamupak product family is increased with two additional KamuBoxes (0,5L & 1,7L) and two sizes of KamuCups (250ml & 340ml).

Nationwide network 

Kamupak's products can be used all around Finland. Expanding together with Finland's beloved café chain Picnic enables using reusable take away dishes from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. 


This was the year of expansion and growth. Our team doubled in size, as did the amount of products we have. We closed on a round of financing, and expanded our partner network with big global companies like Wolt and Sodexo.

Taking over the Nordics

With new laws in place (finally!), the EU is phasing out single-use plastics. Kamupak is going to be the leading partner for individuals and businesses in this transition. Acquision of Swedish &Repeat speed up Kamupak's growth in the Nordics

Scaling up and impact

With new reuse legislation in Sweden will not only provide growth for Kamupak but also paves the way for EU level legislation to increase reuse hence reduce single-use packaging waste.   .

The most advanced reuse technlogy

Kamupak develops technology that provides platform for cirucular economy ecosystem operators, makes reuse easy and fund as well as provides data that can be used to optimize logistics and washing enabling positive environmental impact


Our founders

Our founders have wide knowledge about circular economy, sustainable design, business design, technology and marketing.


Chief Stakeholder Officer

Eero Heikkinen - Systems Designer

Systems Designer

Karri Lehtonen - Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

The team

Our brilliant go getter team of professionals has the perfect mixture of right attitude, world saviourism, and cold hard skills ready to take on the world.

Saara Sokura - Customer Success Manager
Saara Sokura

Customer Success Manager

Saara Smith - COO
Saara Smith


Come and work for Kamupak and be a part of a new environmental revolution

We are constantly looking for different experts in our team. Send us an open application to

Let's change the world together #OneMealAtATime

We want to act as a catalyst for new circular economy solutions, both in Finland and abroad. We keep working hard to fulfill our mission of becoming a new, mass-accepted way of consuming sustainably.

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Borrow reusable items with Kamupak app!

Now you can borrow KamuDishes, even multiple at the same time, free of charge!


When borrowing, you’ll agree to return the dishes within 14 days to one of our partner restaurants.

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Kamupakin applikaatio jolla voit lainata KamuAsioita napin painalluksella
CEO and founder of Kamupak Iida Miettinen going through their reusable box and cup inventory

Teknologiayhtiö Enston omistajaperheen Iida Miettinen sai onnettomuudessa vakavan aivovamman. Kuntoutumisen...

We've been featured by some of the most notable environmental think tanks out there

Some of them are only in Finnish, but bear with us as we expand and take over the world. You will find more and more English news about us. 

Kamupak CEO and founder Iida Miettinen posing for a photo in front of trees

Suomalaisyrityksen visiossa kertakäyttöpakkaukset korvattaisiin kokonaan pantillisilla. Tutkija muistuttaa, ettei kertakäyttöpakkauskaan yksin ole...

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