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packaging as a service

Would you like to offer your customers an environmentally friendly and waste-free packaging option while saving on packaging costs? For the monthly fee, we'll take care of your reusable packaging needs.


We operate in restaurants, cafes, hotels, events and offices. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

How Kamupak works


Unique QR code

Each KamuDish has a unique QR code that is scanned during sales and returns.


The customer orders the portion in a reusable KamuDish

and pays a deposit upon purchase or borrows it by using Kamupak Reuse -app.


After use, the customer returns the dish to a Kamupak partner restaurant.

Restaurant will refund the deposit to the customer, or the loan will be reset upon return.


KamuDish is washed in the restaurant

after which it is ready to be reused again and again.


Kamupak manages the balances between restaurants

Want to be a pioneer in sustainable take-away? 

With Kamupak's digital reuse system:

The restaurant can reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment  

Satisfied customers come back again and again

The restaurant saves on packaging costs


Cooperation with Kamupak represents and serves our restaurant's values as a pioneer of responsibility and an operator that inspires others.

The customers have received KamuDishes very positively and are happy to be able to participate in reducing waste. 

Our partner
  • KamuBox 0,5l 

  • KamuBox 1,2l 

  • KamuBox 1,7l 

  • KamuCup 250ml  

  • KamuCup 340ml

withstands cold and hot, the lid can be tightly closed

More ecological option

After 6 uses, a more environmentally friendly option than disposable take-away boxes ​​

Lasts more than 100 uses.

Space-saving design

stacks nicely 

Kamupak products

Hygienic and durable

Our partners

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Make the best decision for your company and the environment

Let's talk more and find a customized solution for your restaurant's needs


I would like to offer KamuDishes in my restaurant. How should I proceed?

You can book a meeting with our Parnership Sales Manager here or send a message using the contact form. You can think about which dishes you would like to use and when would be a suitable time to start. The service is immediately available after the onboarding! 

I use disposable dishes and I can't give them up completely. Why should I use KamuDishes in my restaurant?

No worries! For now, most of our partners offer disposable take away containers alongside reusable containers. Although we would like to get rid of disposable waste completely, we understand that sometimes you have to take small steps towards reuse. When you offer KamuDishes in your restaurant, you offer your customers an added value and an option (for which the demand is increasing).  

There are unusable dishes in my restaurant, what should I do?

When the restaurant has accumulated >10 unusable dishes, you can contact and we will replace the unusable dishes with new ones.

Do I need to offer all variations of the KamuDish in my restaurant? 

You can choose to offer one or more option in your restaurant. Please note that dishes that the restaurant does not serve can also be returned to the restaurant (i.e. different sizes of KamuBoxes).

Is a KamuDish really a more ecological alternative compared to disposable biodegradable or cardboard containers?

When comparing reusable packaging to single-use packaging, the environmental impact caused by a single use is essential. The production of reusable packaging consumes more raw materials and energy, but after just a few cycles the emissions per use are lower compared to a disposable container. A reusable container is a more ecological option, the longer it lasts in use. A KamuDish can be used an average of 100 times and is a more ecological option after only six uses!  

Why are KamuDishes made of plastic?

Plastic is durable, easily shaped, inexpensive, reusable, recyclable and in every way an excellent material when it is used responsibly, taking into account the entire life cycle. At the end of their life cycle, KamuDishes will be recycled and the material is reused in making other products.   

What happens to a KamuDish at the end of its life?

KamuDishes are made of various polypropylene plastics. The qualities of the materials are known, so they can be returned as clean materials to the manufacturer to be used as raw material for new products. This is of great importance in terms of the impacts of KamuDishe's life cycle, as the carbon footprint of recycled polypropylene is even more than 70% smaller compared to virgin raw materials.  

How is hygiene taken into consideration?

We pay special attention to the fact that the dishes passing through our return system are washed and sanitized in such a way that they meet hygiene regulations. We remove from use such dishes that may cause a hygiene risk. We also carry out hygiene testing to ensure the hygiene level.

Can the packaging release any chemicals?

The container is food approved, which means that no more than the limit values of chemicals may be released from it. The dishes used do not contain BPA compounds.

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